Product Information

        SWS-4000 Series Hemodialysis machine

        User-friendly operation

        • 12.1 inch LCD touch screen,multi-language operation interface,

        • Automatic adjustment liquid level of the Venous bubble catcher to prevent blood pollution by air and reduce dialysis risk,

        • Convenient sequential dialysis (dialysis←→IUF),High&Low sodium sequential dialysis.

        Safe and high efficiency treatment

        • Mandatory self-test for hydraulic,blood circuit,monitoring system and etc.,ensure treatment safety,

        • VP tubing with ultrasound and optical monitoring,

        • Dialysate configuration feedback control system to ensure accurate dialysate ion concentration,

        • Advanced capacity balance feedback control system, ultrafiltration precision.

        Visual intelligence system

        • Preset automatic switch time and disinfection mode, and record all disinfection modes,

        • Dynamic tracking and monitoring functions such as AP, VP and transmembrane pressure respond to abnormal conditions with alarm.

        Powerful compatibility

        • Various brands of dialyzers are available,

        • Compatible with all kinds of dialysis powder, bloodline and other hemodialysis consumables.

        Alarm LED

        • The IV pole integrates red, yellow and green three-color alarm indicators, which can be visible from distance .

        Treatment sufficiency evaluation

        • Evaluate treatment sufficiency, provide an accurate reference for treatment prescription optimization.

        * Online non-invasive blood pressure monitor

        • Measure patient heart rate and blood pressure automatically , reducing operation burden of medical staff.

        Real-time leakage monitor

        • Balance chamber system with real-time leakage monitoring function to ensure safety of the patient .

        Back-up Battery

        • Maintain at least 40 minutes for treatment blood return.

        Treatment modes

        • HD                     • Sequential Dialysis

        • IUF


        Multi-treatment profiles for customized treatment

        • Na + Profile                   • Heparin flow Profile

        • UF rate profile                • Dialysate flow profile

        • Bicarbonate profile          • Dialysate temperature profile

        * BI-cart Holder

        • Using Bicart catridge makes much more convenient and hygiene.

        Information system interface

        • Open data interface, which can connect to the information management system directly to achieve intelligent and refined management of the entire treatment process.

        Online HDF

        • Equipped with double stage endotoxin filters interface to produce substitution fluids online, which will be used for prime and reinfusion, reducing the usage of saline and reducing costs.

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